content strategy

Content, it's all about the content. (Innholdsmarkedsføring)

At one time, long ago, basic SEO was mainly about “keyword stuffing”, in which you could put lots of related keywords onto a web page so that Google would associate that page with your product and give you a high rank, we didn’t really care how good it was to read, as long as we used the right keywords, but these days it’s much more sophisticated. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word, then you may know that it comes with a spell checker and a thesaurus grammar checker, and now Google bot has the same type of functions, in fact Google bot has much higher functionality than Microsoft Word, it can examine the text on a web-page and test to see how grammatically correct it is and by using artificially intelligent machine learning, it can work out if this is a well written page, or a badly written page and a deliberate attempt to score high with no effort, in which case Google will only give the page a low rank, making that website pretty useless as an advertising tool.

The use of carefully balanced keywords is still important to page-rank, but we have to ensure that the page contains good, useful, well-presented information, as this is all part of the overall UX (User eXperience) which is at the top of Google’s list of priorities.

We often encounter pages which are well written, but are lacking in the correct keywords, so as part of our overall analysis of your website, we thoroughly check all of your pages and make changes where necessary to ensure they comply with Google’s best practice rules for UX.

I personally spend time on the phone with Google’s UX team from Mountain view in California, as I get asked to take part in studies to help improve Google’s products & services, so I certainly understand how important it is to them, and in-turn, I know how important it is for me to apply good UX practices with my customers webpages.

If you are unsure about your content, let us take a look, we know exactly what we are looking for,  no matter if it’s Norsk or English, text or display network.