Good SEO and Content is the lifeline of any business website.

95% of companies who decide to put their business online with a website simply put up a few pictures and some basic text then sit back and dream about hundreds of people visiting their website each day and gaining lots of new customers, making more money and living happily ever-after.

Sounds good doesn’t it? –  if only it was that easy!

When people are searching online for products & services, they go to a search engine (søkemotor), usually Google, and type in something related to what it is they are searching for. Once they click search, Google then begins the process of matching their search query with the best results it can find in it’s database.

It is VERY important to Google as a company to provide the very BEST results, and to do that, Google has some very strict rules about how web pages and advertisements should be designed and optimized. Website pages which do not follow Google rules will not rank well in search results and many businesses often find their web page appearing on page 2, 5 or even 10+ of the search results, meanwhile, competitors, who already know this, are appearing on page #1 of Google search results and getting lots of new customers.

Do people really search beyond page #1 for what they are looking for?  I think we know the answer to that question already.  Advertising your business website online is a complicated and very competitive business these days, but some companies still think they can make it without the help of a professional Search engine optimizer, like us at NorgeSEO, but every day we push our clients way ahead of them and see them failing miserably.

Then you have those who think they can do it themselves by throwing money at Facebook, but in reality they are just throwing their money away. Paying out more than they have coming in, and each day is a day closer to becoming bankrupt instead of employing an agency to promote them online, starting at just 5000kr pr Month.

We are a Norsk company, brønnøysundregisteret and work with Norsk websites every day. Then why is all of this in English?  Well, that’s simple, because our online marketing director is a British man who moved to Norway 10 years ago. He has solid business and marketing experience from London and is qualified by Google and Microsoft.

We don’t just work for you, we work with you, and become actively involved in building up your online business visibility and pushing your brand, whatever that may be, and what’s more, if you have a competitor in the same area, we promise not to accept work from your competitors. This is our guarantee to you.

NorgeSEO.  Norge sin søkemotoroptimalisering ekspert. We handle sites in Norwegian, English and Swedish. To us, this is not just a business, it’s a passion.

Key Points:


Building a brand is a very important part of any business who wants to stand out from the crowd. We work on developing and building your brand name so that people know they can trust you and invest in you


Marketing is like telling the world you are a rock star, but online marketing is more like showing the world you are a “rock star”. We specialize in online marketing and will breathe new life into your company

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