UX - The single most important thing in SEO and online marketing!

So, what the heck is UX?

It’s short for User eXperience.  Google are absolutely crazy about it and you should be too (if you want to succeed).

Google’s latest trend, UX, is the core component of their business ethic.  Basically, it means that they want their users to have the best possible experience when using Google services (particularly search) and is the reason why many websites fail to rank high in Google SERPS (search engine results pages).  Google uses a host of different machine learning “bots” to check websites and to verify that the content is up to their high standards.

We at Norge SEO know exactly what makes Google smile and how to not only optimize but also design a website so that it will perform well on Google. Our partner in Bergen specializes in UX design and we specialize in UX optimization so together we can offer the best solution if you are looking to put up a new website for your business.